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Option Sets can have global settings for things like Media Sources and controlling whether or not dynamic asynchronous XHR calls should occur. The visual Settings that display in the browser, can also have sub-sets that serve to keep things organized.

Global Settings

The followng control individual settings and grouping for an Element in a Fred-powered page.


Set to true to cause XHR requests to render the Element through both the Twig and MODX parsers. The element also re-renders through both the Twig and MODX parser when you change element settings. This means you can have dynamic content that references other pages within a Fred page using MODX Snippets. Default: false.


Name of the Media Source to use for Finder. Multiple Names can be passed separated by comma ,.


Name of the Media Source to use for Image fields. Multiple Names can be passed separated by comma ,. This option overrides mediaSource.


Settings are made of a JSON array of objects and group objects which provide configuratin controls for Elements. Settings can import sub-sets of settings using a fred-import object.

Settings properties

The following properties apply to all settings, regarless of the types below:

  • name - Name of the setting, can be used as a Twig variable
  • label - Setting's Label, displayed in the Element Settings panel
  • value - A default value
  • type - Type of the setting, see next section

Note: for the best end-user experience, it is a good idea to set a default value so end users have a starting point to work with. Otherwise it may be confusing due to having a blank Element that may not match the preview image when dragging and dropping into pages.

Available Settings types

The following Settings types are used to configure Elements in Fred.


  • A single-line HTML <input type="text"> element
  • Can have any text value


  • A multie-line HTML <textarea> element
  • Can have any text value
  • Type specific properties:
    • rows - The number of rows to show; Default: 4


  • An HTML <select> list element
  • Only supports a single select value
  • Type specific properties:
    • options - An object of value:label properties


  • true/false checkbox
  • returns logical true or false


  • Visual color picker, to choose from predefined values
  • Type-specific properties:
    • options
      • An array of colors; Example: ["lightcoral", "red", "black"]
      • Color can be either a string or an object with following properties:
        • value - the value passed to Twig for the color, which can be anything
        • color - the displayed color for the swatch
        • label - an arbitrary label for the swatch


  • A color picker that supports arbitrary color definitions including RGB, HSL or Hex values with optional opacity
  • Type-specific properties:
    • showAlpha - A boolean to show an alpha transparency slider; Default: true
    • options - An array of colors; Example: ["lightcoral", "red", "black"]


  • An input slider for numbers
  • Type-specific properties:
    • min - REQUIRED: The minimum value of the slider
    • max - REQUIRED: The maximum value of the slider
    • tooltipDecimals – Number of decimals to show in the slider’s tooltip; Default: 0
    • step – A number to increment the slider’s value; Default: 1


  • MODX Page select
  • Value is returned as an object in format: {"id": 1, "url": "fred.html"}
    • Refrencing ID or URL alone is done through the dot syntax: {{}}
  • Type-specific properties:
    • clearButton - If set to true an x button shows in the input field allowing a user to clear any set value
    • resources - If set, only resource with specified IDs will show; Value can be string with a comma as a separator or an array
    • parents - If set, only resource from these parents (including parents itself) will show; Value can be string with a comma as a separator or an array
    • depth - Depth to look for children for specified parents; Default: 1


  • File picker
  • Type-specific property:


  • Image select
  • Type-specific properties:
    • showPreview - If set to false preview won't appear under the text input
    • mediaSource - Optional name of the Media Source to use that overrides the top-level imageMediaSource global setting


  • Allows users to choose from preset Tagger tags
  • Type-specific properties:
    • autoTag - true/false to show/hide the auto tag
    • hideInput - true/false to show/hide the input
    • group - An ID of the Tagger group to use
    • limit - Maximum limit of the number of tags that can be selected

Setting Groups

Groups are used to organize related Option Sets, or to remove infrequently used settings from the main view.

  • group - Name of a group of related sub-settings that open when clicked in a secondary panel. The value of the group property will be used as the label for the group
  • settings - An array of setting objects
    "group": "Group Name",
    "settings": [

Example Option Set with Settings

    "remote": true,
    "settings": [
            "name": "panel_class",
            "label": "Panel Classes",
            "type": "text",
            "value": "col-6 col-sm-12"
            "name": "logo",
            "lable": "Logo",
            "type": "image",
            "mediaSource": "site-assets",
            "value": "assets/images/logo.svg"

            "name": "nda-file",
            "lable": "Upload NDA",
            "type": "file",
            "mediaSource": "site-assets-files",
            "value": "assets/files/contract.pdf"

            "name": "slogan",
            "label": "Slogan",
            "type": "textarea",
            "value": "Enter your slogan here"
            "name": "panel_type",
            "label": "Type of Panel",
            "type": "select",
            "options": [{"value":"info", "value":"warn","value":"error"}],
            "value": "info"
            "name": "padding_top",
            "label": "Top padding",
            "type": "slider",
            "min": 0,
            "max": 100,
            "step": 10,
            "value": 20
            "group": "CTA",
            "settings": [
                    "name": "cta_class",
                    "label": "CTA Class",
                    "type": "select",
                    "options": {
                        "danger": "Red CTA",
                        "info": "Blue CTA",
                        "default": "Default CTA"
                    "value": "default"
                    "name": "show_cta",
                    "label": "Show CTA",
                    "type": "toggle",
                    "value": false
                    "name": "color",
                    "label": "Text Color",
                    "type": "colorswatch",
                    "value": "black",
                    "options": [{"value":"primary", "color":"blue","label":"Primary"}, "lightcoral", "black", "rgba(0,255,0,.5)"]
                    "name": "bg_color",
                    "label": "Background COlor",
                    "type": "colorpicker",
                    "value": "white",
                    "showAlpha": true,
                    "options": ["lightcoral", "black", "white"]
                    "name": "page",
                    "label": "Linked Page",
                    "type": "page",
                    "value": {"id":1, "url": "[[~1]]"}