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HTML Markup in Fred Elements

Fred Elements are made of HTML with specific attributes. The markup can be enhanced using Twig and Element Settings.

Custom Tags


To make themes more portable {{template.theme_dir}} can be used in an element as a dynamic placeholder reference to the template's theme directory (e.g. '/assets/theme/default/'.)

Markup Examples

<!-- Simple Element -->
<div class="panel">
    <p data-fred-name="header_text">Default Value</p>
    <img src="" data-fred-name="header_image">

<!-- Enhanced Element -->
<div class="panel {{ panel_class }}">
    <p data-fred-name="panel_text">Default Value</p>

    {% if cta_link %}
    <a class="btn {{ cta_class }}" href="{{ cta_link }}">{{ cta_text }}</a>
    {% endif %}